Evolution 2.0

People have been asking: What's going on at Third Street and why can't you get all the new stuff in all the stores? Lets break this into two answers...

What's going on at Third? Answer: A Border Grill revolution. Menu changes. Decor changes. New colors. New vibe. Rock-n-Roll! Our fans (YOU) ask for new stuff, share their ideas and reminisce about some of the great stuff we used to serve on the BG Trailer but we didn't have a system (or space) to experiment. Until now! Think of Third Street as a test kitchen or place to try new ideas. You asked for things like brown rice, shredded beef and a new twist on chicken. Your wishes have been granted. Stay tuned for a new salad (this week) and a new vegetarian option in a few weeks. 

Why can't you get the new stuff in all the stores? Answer: New products require new inventory and new processes. Being totally honest the biggest impact (for staff) new items bring is process change. It might sound crazy but it doesn't take much to affect the flow of a well oiled machine. So we have a plan: Test at Third. See what works. Figure out how it can work in the other stores. Go from there.

Beginning April 25th you’re going to notice some changes on our “core” menu. The first thing that may grab your attention is a color change and streamlining of how everything flows. We’re loving how it turned out and hope you do too. Color and format aren’t the only changes. Brown Lime Rice (by popular demand) has replaced the Cilantro Lime Rice. You can now order nachos with melted shredded cheese or our spicy queso (so delicious). The Border Bowl category has been removed in favor of our “Unwrapped” burrito options - all burritos are available as a bowl. Hint: If you liked the Border Bowl just order a BRC and add pico and a protein. Some items have been retired: Mexico City Taco, Fuego Quesadilla, Veggie Quesadilla, Sante Fe Salad and Sonora Burrito. Oh, and we created a Just Right category with eight great options.

Let us know what you think about the new items at Third or some of the menu changes. Guest feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. Do you have something you’d love to see us try? Give us a shout. Now is the time to put in special requests!

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