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Holiday Entertaining Tips and Tricks

It’s that time of year! Holiday guests are starting to become increasingly excited for your holiday parties and social gatherings… while appearing calm and collected, you might be experiencing some party planning stress. At Border Grill, we have had the Read More

Let’s Talk Tortillas

Let’s talk tortillas! A wide variety of tortilla options are available at Border Grill from original, cheese-jalapeño, wheat, spinach, and corn. Wow, that’s quite the selection to choose from, but let’s consider health benefits and dietary options today shall we? Read More

Marji Gesick

Racing season is among us in Marquette County! A little over a month from now, the Marji Gesick 100 and Marji Gesick 50 bike race will be taking place on September 26. This race will send riders 100 or 50 Read More

906 Adventure Team Youth Cycling

Border Grill is proud to sponsor the 906 Adventure Team once again. For the second year in a row local adult riders from the Marquette area have worked to expand the junior team. This growth has given more youth riders Read More

Frei-Day Night Family Rides

Hit the trails with your family during Frei-Day Night Family Rides, starting at 6 p.m. on scheduled Fridays. Locations vary between the NTN Singletrack or RAMBA Trails, and different activities are held each session. This program is such a great way Read More