A BG Revolution on Third Street

Remember those days as a kid when you’d play all day without a care in the world? Your most pressing decision being mac&cheese or PB&J for lunch. Those were the days. But inevitably you wake up one morning and instead of your favorite cartoon episode you are peering at CNN trying to decide between Trump and Hillary. Not so simple anymore! While you guys are at home trying to figure out which candidate you dislike the least we’re pondering what it means to turn twenty next year.

Which brings us to the excitement building on Third Street. The road to adulthood begins on the corner of Third & Prospect. Street Tacos and Tortas (think little sandwich sliders) featuring new Beef Barbacoa, Chicken Tinga or Chorizo & Potato headline a menu of new items. Each of them bringing a new sense of flavor and depth to the Border Grill menu. As of Monday, March 21st you can now introduce any of the new options to your favorite BG entree – but only at Third Street.

Lets address the obvious questions: “Why are you doing it?” and “Why at Third Street?” We’ll begin with “Why are you doing it?”: Businesses need to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, however, we also recognized it was time to shake things up. Additions such as Beef Barbacoa, Chicken Tinga or Chorizo & Potato give YOU the fan more options to change up your favorite item. Lets be honest, if we don’t challenge ourselves to bring something new to the table for you guys, at some point menu fatigue is going to set in, right? We’re determined to keep all your favorites, streamline the menu to eliminate slow movers and replace them with new flavors and ideas to keep bringing you back for more. Next question “Why at Third Street?”: Every family has the sibling who doesn’t quite adhere to or follow all the rules. BG3 is our Rebel. They’re going to break some of our rules. You’ll probably see some of the changes make their way out to the other stores but for the most part, new menu items at least, will be property of the Rebels.

We’re going to propose a question you may not have considered: Where do YOU fit into this? Ah. The most important question if you ask us! This is where it gets good. We consider you part of the Rebel Clan and we want your feedback. Heck, even your ideas as we shake things up. Truth is you’ve been growing up with us for NEARLY twenty-years… it’s almost like we’re family. Get into Third and check things out. Give us some feedback, we’re good listeners. Be part of the BG Future. A link to the exclusive BG3 menu is now on our website.

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